About Hawk Environmental Services

The experts at Hawk Environmental Services have many years  of experience in the fields of hazardous  materials, environmental  testing, energy efficiency, and workplace safety. Founders Ben Tressel and Dan Ventura are both well-known in the industry for their expertise and practical experience in all aspects of indoor air quality and energy efficiently. Our Team provides the testing and inspection services necessary to meet state and local codes or to qualify for rebates, and will also design site-specific testing procedures to resolve any indoor environmental concern.

Over the years, Hawk Environmental Services has added mail-away testing kits for a variety of issues and has supplied HEPA air filters for schools,  hospitals, municipalities,  and large businesses throughout the United States.  Our other division, Hawk Equipment Services, provides a full line of gas detection sensors an on-site calibration and repair service in all 50 states.

Some of the reasons our clients may call on us:

  • Rule-in or rule-out indoor air quality problems related to health concerns
  • Survey buildings for hazardous materials such as asbestos, lead paint, PCB’s, and toxic gases
  • Test and inspect the indoor environment after abatement or remediation has been performed
  • Perform worker’s exposure surveys for compliance and employee complaints
  • Document deficiencies in the building or defects in abatement work
  • Quantify and document a wide variety of other environmental issues


We started Hawk Environmental Services, Inc. to provide our customers with unbiased investigative and testing services to help them identify ways to improve the health and efficiency of their buildings. After years of working in the industry we found that too often clients were being overcharged for services that they did not need, and reports that did not provide the information that they wanted. Hawk Environmental Services experience has taught us that honest impartial information that building owners and occupants can use to make informed decisions is the best advice. There will never be sales tactics, misleading information, or greenwashing if you decide to choose us for your testing and inspection needs.

Hawk Environmental Services Experience and Certifications:

The team at Hawk Environmental Services has years of professional experience in the inspection and remediation industry and currently or has previously held a wide variety of certifications and licenses including:
AHERA building inspector (asbestos testing)
Washington State Lead Inspector
Washington State Lead Risk Assessor
IICRC Water Damage Restoration Technician
BPI building analyst
Energy-star Verifier
Energy-star Performance Tester
More than 5 years of mold and indoor air quality testing and remediation (No state licenses are offered in Washington State)

Impartial and Neutral Evaluation:

We don’t provide cleanup, mold remediation, abatement, insulation, or HVAC installation.  You can rest assured that our evaluations will not be a sales pitch or skewed in any way towards additional services.  Our only concern is performing a thorough inspection and getting to the root of your concerns.

Custom-tailored Inspections and Testing:

Our mantra for inspections: “Define the Scope”.  This means that we will work with you to create a limited scope of testing and inspection to ensure that you don’t pay for extraneous services that you don’t need.  You will never be subject to scare-tactics.  If you have ever worked with an inspector who takes the shotgun approach and provides a bid that is overly dependent on lab sampling fees, you know how important this can be.  We always prefer to provide our clients with a free phone consultation to determine how to provide the most cost-effective type of inspection to answer the questions at hand.

Free 15 Minute Consultation

Contact us today for a free phone or email consultation to see if our inspection or testing services are right for you.

The Right Equipment and Gear:

We love our technology and always strive to use the most-effective testing equipment to diagnose the problem with as little invasive or disruptive procedures as possible.  We would be happy to go over which pieces of equipment may be best suited for your needs.  Many of the devices we use are employed by military, law enforcement, and homeland security agencies.


Hawk Environmental Services, Inc. can provide the professional inspection, testing, and reporting services that you need for a fair and honest price.  Some contractors will offer free “inspections” which are really just a way to get their foot in the door for a sales pitch, while others may try to scare customers into spending an obscene amount of money on unnecessary testing.  With Hawk Environmental Services, you have the final say.  We provide the information that can be gained by inspection and testing, and you decide what is right for you.