Regardless of the age of the building, the law requires that a full survey for asbestos be performed prior to the commencement of demolition.  This is typically referred to as an Asbestos Good Faith Survey, and must be performed by a certified AHERA building inspector.  Hawk Environmental Services performs these surveys on a regular basis, and can provide the information and documentation that is needed to keep your project compliant and on schedule.

What is the pricing for an asbestos survey for demolition:

For unoccupied single-family residential properties in the greater Seattle area, we will waive the site visit fee and charge only flat per-sample fees.  For larger projects, currently occupied properties, or projects outside of the greater Seattle area, site visit fees may apply.  We would be happy to discuss your project and generate an estimated number of samples, project costs, and project timeline.  Our standard pricing can be found here.

What is needed for an Asbestos Survey for Demolition

Typically, most buildings under 5,000 square feet can be fully surveyed, and have all samples collected in a single day.  The inspector will meet one of your representatives on-site or access the property by a key or lock-box that you provide.  The steps performed are as follows:

  1. Access the property and perform a full walk-through
  2. Note all materials present that may contain asbestos and perform any invasive investigation as needed
  3. Generate a floor-plan of the property
  4. Create a list of all materials that need to be sampled and the number of each required to meet the AHERA guidelines
  5. Communicate with client total number of samples necessary and get verbal permission to continue
  6. Collect all necessary samples while recording:
    1. Sample location
    2. Sample Photo
    3. Sample identification information
  7. Patch sample areas and clean (if property is still occupied)
  8. Transport samples to lab for analysis
  9. Write and transmit final report that includes all information necessary for abatement or demolition

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