Testing and Inspections

Hawk Environmental is the premier choice in the Pacific Northwest for environmental testing and services. Our clients choose us when they want an unbiased third party and ethical specialty contractor who will provide them with the information they need to keep their building safe and comfortable. Our team combines years of expertise with cutting-edge technology and equipment for results you can depend upon to make decisions that matter.

Whether you’re hoping to make your home or business energy efficient and environmentally sound, gauge the indoor air quality in your building, identify hazards like mold, asbestos, chemicals, or meet certain industrial standards, Hawk Environmental is your ally. We’ve been helping people meet and exceed standards of health and safety for years, and we’d love to bring our custom services to your unique situation.

Energy Audits

Hawk Environmental Services performs energy efficiency audits to help homeowners and businesses save money on monthly utility bills and benefit the environment.

Mold Inspections

Unchecked mold growth can lead to health problems and structural damage, so our team provides inspections for mold and moisture in your home or building.

Lead Inspections

For new home buyers or renters, our team of experts can inspect your residence and determine your risk for potentially hazardous lead paint exposure.

Asbestos Inspections

Our AHERA-accredited asbestos inspector will provide a thorough examination of your structure, including pre-construction asbestos testing, the testing of suspect materials, and a good faith site survey.

Legal Cannabis (I-502) Services

With our history of indoor air quality, mold, hazardous materials, and energy efficiency service in general industry, Hawk Environmental Services is skilled in the types of testing and inspection services that are relevant to this new industry.

Specialty Testing

Hawk Environmental Services offers a wide range of specialty testing, including odor investigations, chemical testing, particulate testing, toxic gas  and worker-safety compliance testing.

  • Inspection services:
    • Visual inspection of all affected areas
    • Digital photos
    • Moisture testing
    • Ventilation assessment
    • Measurement of climate conditions (including temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide)
    • Infrared scans
    • VOC testing (real-time readings in parts per billion)

Testing Areas and Services

No two jobs are the same, and different clients need different levels of service and information. Whether you are an industrial facility that needs testing of a specific factor to document your permissible exposure limits (PEL), a contractor in need of formaldehyde testing for a new LEED project, or a homeowner who has been experiencing health effects, we can create a cost-effective plan for professional, accurate inspection.