While VOC testing can be a complicated subject that can cause frustration for building owners and occupants, Hawk Environmental Services has the equipment and knowledge necessary to get you the information that you want and need.

What is real-time VOC testing?

At Hawk Environmental Services, we offer both detailed lab testing for VOCs and on-site assessments using meters.  Our meter testing can provide accurate information of total VOC concentrations in a home, office, school, laboratory, factory, construction site or any other indoor environment.  Using the meters that we own and maintain, we can provide accurate information on total VOC levels in both parts per million (ppm) and parts per billion (ppb) resolution.  Our equipment can spot check specific areas, test inside of HVAC ducting and manufacturing equipment, as well as data-log results in increments as low as every 5 seconds and durations of more than 7 days.

VOC meter testing

Parts Per Billion VOC Meter

How does real-time VOC testing work?

We use photo-ionizing detectors to measure the concentration of total VOCs in the air.  Our units typically report this information as total VOCs at 10.6 eV as per isobutylene.  Essentially, the unit is equipped with a specialized UV lamp that outputs energy at 10.6 electron volts.  This energy then ionizes the VOCs that pass by the lamp and knocks off electrons from the VOC molecules.  These electrons are then detected by the sensor and reported to the meter.  In this manner we can create relevant data by date, time, and location.  We can also record this information and produce charts and graphs that show trends and changes in the ambient air.

Why Choose Hawk Environmental Services for VOC Testing?

Because we own, maintain, calibrate, and operate our own testing equipment you can be assured that the results are accurate and relevant.  Anyone can simply rent a meter and print out some numbers, but it takes years of experience to properly plan the testing, calibrate the monitors, and interpret the results.  We service meters for a wide variety of commercial and industrial clients, and treat our own gear with the same care.  If not properly calibrated, VOC sensors can give erroneous reports that may miss a key safety hazard or raise alarms when no danger is present.  We pride ourselves on being able to design the testing plan for our clients to ensure that the final report is useful information, rather than just a collection of numbers on a page.  Call us today if you have questions or a project that you would like to discuss.

Air Quality Sensor Calibration

Air Quality Sensor Calibration

We Do VOC Testing Every Day:

VOC testing is not an occasional or unique service for us, we perform this service nearly every day.  Because VOC testing is wrapped into our standard home air quality testing service and our general office indoor air quality testing service, you can be sure that our inspectors are familiar with the testing equipment, maintenance, procedures, and interpretation of results:

Office Indoor Air Quality Testing Package

Home Indoor Air Quality Testing Package

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