Common Concerns

Often times our clients have lived with persistent air quality concerns in their home for months or years before they decide that they need the help of a professional inspector.  Occupants in the home may have been suffering from allergies, frequent colds and flus, chronic congestion, or just general lethargy.  These issues become the new normal, and we don’t realize that we can feel better until we spend some time outside of the home on a vacation or trip.  Suddenly you feel like you can finally breathe, and you begin to wonder if the air quality in your home might be dragging you down.

Professional Inspection and Testing

We know that professional inspection and testing services can be expensive, and most people don’t even know where to start.  We have put together a cost-effective inspection and testing package that covers most of the common indoor air quality concerns.


We know that cost is always a factor in your decision and have tried to ensure that the testing and inspection we perform provides useful information without becoming overly expensive.  The pricing below reflects the projected costs for Healthy Home air Quality Testing services in our standard service territory.  Traveling more than 30 miles or across a ferry may result in a small increase in cost.

  • Cost Breakdown
    1. Apartment of Condominium (less than 1,000 square feet) – $420.00
    2. Standard Sized Home (1,000 – 1,500 square feet) – $450.00
    3. Large Home (1,500-3,500 square feet) – $550.00 (includes additional airborne mold sample)
    4. Please call or email for pricing on large homes or multiple units

General Home Air Quality Testing Package Includes:

Visual assessment of heating, ventilation, and filtration system.

Included in this service we will visually inspect your home’s heating and ventilation appliances to check for combustion safety concerns (carbon monoxide), problems with your furnace’s filter, and to determine where you stand with respect to ventilation.  It includes:

  1. Visual inspection of the furnace or heating system to look for obvious damage or defects
  2. Assessment of the filters size, effectiveness, and installation
  3. Measurement of the flow-rates of your bathroom exhaust fans, whole-house fans, and fresh-air intake ducts
  4. A report your home’s actual ventilation levels and what is recommended

Environmental Data for every room in the house.

During this portion of the inspection we will measure several different environmental factors with specialized meters.  These numbers will allow us to paint a general picture of the air quality in your home, and help you determine exactly what factors may be most important to improve.  The things we will test for include:

  1. Temperature
  2. Relative Humidity
  3. Carbon Dioxide – in parts per million
  4. Carbon Monxide – in parts per million
  5. Total VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) in parts per billion

Airborne mold spore testing

We will take one indoor air quality sample in your home and one sample outdoors so that we can let you know if the general level of mold spores in the home is abnormal.  This portion of the inspection will paint a general picture of the mold spore types and quantities that you may be breathing in.