Home Purchase Inspection

Hawk Environmental Services has helped countless home buyers make informed home-buying decisions. If you are concerned about a musty smell or worried that the popcorn ceiling has asbestos, Hawk can perform the appropriate testing to answer those questions and help you avoid unforeseen repair work and get an early start with planning repairs and renovations.

Whether it is a new construction build or just new-to-you, chances are that structural components of the home were thoroughly soaked during the build. This is basically unavoidable in our region, so you want to make sure that everything was handled appropriately, and materials were dried before being covered. Hawk Environmental can perform air sampling in the home to make sure no indoor air quality issues resulted from the water exposure during the build or any other moisture events in the home’s history.

If you are the home builder, Hawk can help avoid the pitfalls of moisture and mold and help insulate you from insurance and warranty claims.  Moisture testing and remediation documentation will provide extra assurance to your customer that problems were not simply covered up. Documentation of known staining and the treatment of the staining will prevent panicked mold remediation in the future when someone cuts into a wall for a miscellaneous repair or improvement and finds mold staining. We can perform this service for a single-family home, a large multifamily development that spans months, and everything in-between.

Are you advertising your home to an audience who is conscious of chemical off-gassing? Hawk can measure and commission your ventilation system, perform on-site VOC and formaldehyde measurement and supply auxiliary HEPA+carbon filtration to scrub chemicals and out of the air and capture particulate. With the ever-increasing requirement to build tight homes comes new follies associated with finishes and insulation materials. And just because the appropriate fan models were installed, there is no guarantee they are actually moving enough air. Preliminary testing and ventilation measurement will reduce the amount of time invested after the sale following up on these types of questions. Answering the question before it is asked can pay for itself in many instances.