Whenever disturbance to materials in a building are planned, an asbestos survey prior to the commencement of remodeling or repair is necessary.  This may include tenant improvement work (TI), repair of water damaged materials after a flood or leak, remodeling work in a commercial or residential space, or even the replacement of roofing or flooring materials.  Hawk Environmental Services performs these AHERA certified inspections and surveys on a wide variety of properties throughout the area.

When is asbestos testing and inspection necessary?

If materials that are included in the planned renovation work are not made entirely of wood, metal, or glass then it is necessary to have an accredited AHERA building inspector test for asbestos.  This may include popcorn ceilings, vinyl flooring, floor tiles, drywall or plaster walls, roofing materials, siding materials, glues, adhesives, ceiling tiles, and many other building components.

How much does a remodeling asbestos inspection cost?

Testing plaster wall for asbestos

Testing plaster wall for asbestos

Typically we charge a site visit fee and per sample fee.  Most small-to-medium commercial and residential projects only incur a $150 site visit fee, but larger projects or projects farther than 30 minutes from Seattle may incur additional charges.  We are always happy to quote estimated sample numbers and site visit fees from a phone call or email.  Our per sample pricing structure can be found here

How does an asbestos survey for remodeling work?

We send one of our certified AHERA asbestos building inspectors to your property to perform the walk-through, inspection and sample collection.  The general steps are as follows:

  • Arrive at job-site
  • Perform walk-through, discussion with client, and review of any pertinent plans or permits
  • Identify all materials included in the planned work that may contain asbestos
  • Create a floor-plan or work from the plans provided by the client
  • Generate a list of suspect materials and number of samples needed to perform the survey
  • Inform client of final number of samples necessary, total cost, and get permission to commence
  • Collect all necessary samples in a clean and safe manner, and apply temporary patches to all sampled areas
  • Record location, photograph, sampled materials, sample identification numbers, and notations on floor-plan
  • Transport all samples to lab for analysis
  • Write full AHERA asbestos survey report and transmit to client

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