What testing, inspection, and controls services do we offer for the cannabis industry?

Now that the marijuana industry has become legalized and regulated in many states; growers, processors, producers, and retailers have become subject to the scrutiny of regulators responsible for workers health, environmental laws, and product safety.  Professionals in the cannabis industry should be familiar with the aspects of their industry that may cause decreased production, damaged or contaminated crops, injury to workers, and negative impacts to the environment.  Due to our history of indoor air quality, mold, hazardous materials, and energy efficiency service in general industry, Hawk Environmental Services is skilled in the types of testing and inspection services that are relevant to this new industry.

  • Energy Efficiency and Audits:
    • Measurement and documentation of projected energy usage
    • Air leakage, Insulation, and Infra-red Inspection and Testing
    • Energy Modeling and Recommendations for Efficient Solutions
    • Calculation of Projected Payback Times for Energy Efficiency Upgrades

  • Building Monitoring and Controls Systems:
    • Installation, Maintenance and Calibration of Sensors
    • Data Collection and Cloud Storage
    • Automatic Alarms for Environmental Issues
    • 24-hour Continuous Monitoring for Temp, RH, CO2, CO, Explosive Gases Etc.

  • Dangerous Waste Characterization:
    • Solid Waste Characterization and Testing
    • Waste Water Characterization and Testing
    • Pesticide Testing and Inspection
    • Fertilizer Testing and Inspection

  • Climate and Microbial Testing:
    • Carbon Dioxide
    • Temperature
    • Humidity
    • Carbon Monoxide
    • Full Mold and Moisture Inspections
    • Airborne Mold Spores
    • Fungal Swabs
    • Bacterial Testing
    • Other Toxic Gases and Chemicals

  • Workers Health and Safety:
    • Permissible Exposure Limits
    • Customized OSHA 10 or 30 hour training
    • Customized Company Specific Safety Plans
    • Explosive Gases and Solvent Testing for Extraction Processors
    • Particulate and Mold Exposure Testing
    • Toxic and Hazardous gases testing

  • Odor and Air Filtration:
    • HEPA Air Filters for Pollen and Molds
    • Activated Carbon Odor and VOC Filtration
    • Air Leakage and Pressure Diagnostics

Why does your marijuana operation need our testing services?

As more and more companies become licensed to be producers, processors, and retailers of marijuana we expect to see an increase in scrutiny and liability throughout the industry.  Our services will help cannabis growers remain safe, prevent unnecessary liability, comply with rapidly changing regulations, save money on energy consumption, and collect the long-term data needed to have more productive plants and decrease waste due to mold and bacterial contamination.