Office Indoor Air Quality Testing

Trust Hawk’s comprehensive commercial testing to keep your work-space up to code — and most importantly, ensure a healthy environment so your employees can breathe easy and stay focused where it matters most.

Home Air Quality Testing

Your living space is your sanctuary, and Hawk’s home bundle offers everything you need to keep it that way. Our professional evaluation and reporting helps you identify and address potential contaminants starting from the source.

Asbestos Testing

If you’re planning a remodel, demolition, or repair, Hawk’s licensed asbestos inspection can satisfy legal and health requirements when potentially contaminated components (virtually all building materials other than wood, metal, or glass) are involved.

Mold Testing

We are proud to offer an unbiased, third-party perspective if you suspect mold presence in your home or business. Airborne mold spore and swab testing, bulk sampling, and more can confirm or rule out whether mold is the culprit of allergy symptoms or otherwise compromised air quality.

Lead Testing

Testing for lead exposure risk is especially important in structures built before the late 70s, which may contain lead-based paints or building materials. Whether you’re testing for peace of mind or federal regulation compliance prior to remodeling or demolition, we offer full or partial inspection of soil, drinking water, and more.

Hawk Environmental is a locally and independently owned speciality contractor based in the Pacific Northwest. We pride ourselves in providing unbiased investigative testing that helps identify environmental hazards, keep buildings or businesses up to code, and keep workers or inhabitants safe.
The information we provide our clients is always accurate and necessary, and we never inflate our prices or recommend tests you don’t need. We are available for emergency or routine testing, energy efficiency audits, indoor air quality testing, or asbestos or mold inspection, and more. We are experts in our field and will be able to provide you with scientific information to keep your home or business safe, comfortable, energy efficient, and up to contemporary standards.

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