AirWash® Whisper

Environmentally Friendly!

– 3-stage filtration
– Energy efficient
– Bypass design
– Its own motor
– Won’t void warranties
– EASY to install


For More Information:

  1. AirWash Whisper Specification Sheet

Smart 360° cylindrical design
99.97% HEPA efficiency
100% leak-proof seal

Perfect Seal® HEPA

High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance (HEPA)
is a filtration standard set by the
US Atomic Energy Commission.

*washable foam pre-filter and
*activated carbon canister
for VOC

The AirWash® Whisper

The Hawk Environmental family of companies has teams of inspectors servicing 38 States, certified in air quality and hazardous materials testing.

Proven Science, not Rocket Science!
The Hawk AirWash® Whisper

Proven Leader In Air Filtration Systems