The MultiPro Air Scrubber

Portable and Affordable!

Easy to use
control panel


Variable speed
control from
250 to 800 cfm


GFI protected

Stackable up to
3 units


Durable flame
retardant polyethylene


in Canada

Hawk puts abatement grade air cleaning in the hands of every contractor
with Perfect Seal® 360° HEPA filtration and activated carbon for VOC.

Perfect Seal® HEPA

99.97% fine particulate removal

Perfect Seal® HEPA/VOC Combo

Add a 5 lb VOC cartridge for odors and chemicals

Ultra VOC

Or 25 lb VOC canister for extreme adsorption

Set the tone of every project.
Make a bold statement that you’re serious about

Be Professional
Be Proactive
Be Bulletproof…

… by providing the best
air filtration on the market!

The Hawk MultiPro
Grab it and GO!

Proven Leader In Air Filtration Systems