Hawk Environmental Services, Inc.

Energy Efficiency,
Indoor Air Quality, and
Hazardous Building Materials Testing

Our practical solutions mean money
in your pocket, comfort in your space,
and a healthier indoor environment.

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Find out how Hawk Environmental Services, Inc., can help save you money while ensuring the safety and health of your indoor environment.

Efficiency Audits

Our energy efficiency audits help homeowners and businesses alike significantly save money on monthly utility bills and benefit the environment.

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Mold and Moisture

With our inspections for mold and moisture, we help avoid unchecked mold growth that can cause structural damage and cause health problems.

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Indoor Air Quality

Our team of experts will provide a variety of Indoor Air Quality testing and assessment to determine the source of harmful pollutants in your home or office.

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Lead Inspections

For new home buyers or renters, our team of experts can inspect your residence and determine your risk for hazardous lead paint exposure.

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Asbestos Inspections

We provide thorough examinations for asbestos, including pre-construction testing, the testing of suspect materials and a good faith site survey.

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Specialty Testing

We offer a wide range of specialty testing, including materials testing, specific chemicals testing, specific particulate testing and worker-safety compliance testing.

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