Air quality inside your home or office has a substantial effect on your health. Things like chemical exposure, toxic or irritating gasses, particulates, or biological materials can inversely impact your breathing environment and cause significant issues. Here are 5 ways air quality affects your health:

1. Exasperates Existing Conditions

People who already suffer from diseases like asthma and diabetes (as well as pregnancy and elderly persons) are much more likely to be adversely affected by air quality problems. Things like mold, particulates, and bacteria can exasperate issues and potentially lead to further complications.

2. Develop New Conditions

People exposed to air quality conditions over a long period of time may lead to acute and chronic respiratory conditions like pneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung cancer, heart disease, stroke and cataract. Adverse pregnancy outcomes and tuberculosis are also possible.

3. Limit Indoor Activities

Indoor air issues can limit indoor activities due to a lack of proper ventilation and lack of proper air exchange. Children playing inside should be monitored for respiratory symptoms and treated accordingly.

4. Damage the Quality of Sleep

If you’re not breathing clean, healthy air you’re probably not sleeping soundly through the night. Common sleep issues arise from problematic breathing, and poor air quality can harm your breathing and may lead to further sleep disorders if not addressed properly.

5. Issues May Become Worse

Unfortunately, there are many potential causes of indoor air quality, so there’s no one-stop fix. Paint, poor ventilation, bad filters, outdoor or indoor smoke, HVAC contamination, carpet, insulation, or your walls may be causing the problems. Fixing one identifiable source of the problem won’t necessarily solve all your issues, so getting an air quality inspection from a trained, trustworthy professional is paramount.

At Hawk Environmental, we have the expertise you need to properly identify and address your indoor air quality issues in the Puget Sound region. We can test for chemicals, gas, biological components and particulates in the air. We’ll visually inspect all affected areas, use digital imaging to assist our inspections, test for moisture and ventilation as well as climate conditions, scan the environment with infrared and do VOC testing to ensure your air quality problems are solved in a professional manner. Don’t risk your health – contact Hawk Environmental today to schedule an appointment!


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