Kirkland Indoor Air Quality Improved by HRV Installation

Reasons for installation:

The client had been dealing with a variety of indoor air quality and mold concerns after a comprehensive remodeling of the home.

Existing ventilation:

The client had a fresh-air intake duct installed on the existing HVAC system during the remodeling, with a target flow of 150CFM.  The fresh-air intake duct was installed on the return trunk, far from the main plenum.  The actual airflow through the fresh-air intake duct that was installed by the HVAC contractor was measure at 26CFM which is far lower than required to efficiently ventilate the home.

HRV installation:

After consultation and lengthy discussions with the client, the Lifebreath 205MAX HRV was chosen for this project.  The unit was installed in the basement’s mechanical room and connected directly into the existing HVAC ducting.  After installation the unit was tuned, balanced, and adjusted to achieve a total ventilation rate of 150CFM.  After 24 hours the client reported a significant decrease in odors throughout the home and a marked improvement in indoor air quality (based on a reported decrease in respiratory irritation.








Final thoughts:

The installation of heat recovery ventilation systems can create a positive impact on indoor air quality, while maintaining the energy efficiency of the home.  These systems are becoming more common in the Pacific Northwest and will likely become a ubiquitous appliance in modern energy efficient home.  We take the installation of these pieces of equipment seriously and spend the time needed to present all appropriate options and custom-tailor the HRV to each client’s specific needs.  If you would like more information please don’t hesitate to call or email us at your convenience.

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