What is HEPA filtration?

HEPA standards for High Efficiency Particulate Air, and is a term that is used to describe filters that will remove.  For a filter to be HEPA-rated it must effectively remove 99.97% of all particles that are 0.3 microns or larger.  This small particle size covers most mold spores, pollens, allergens, and general dust.  HEPA filters are used in schools, hospitals, clean rooms, food production facilities, the aerospace industry, and asbestos abatement industries.

What is VOC filtration?

VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compound.  These are a wide variety of chemicals that are released from paints, plastics, cleaners, furniture, floor finishes, fragrances, and cosmetics.  Highly porous activated charcoal or carbon is commonly used to filter VOCs in commercial, residential, and industrial applications.  These filters may reduce levels or formaldehyde, benzene, xylenes, polyurethanes, and a host of other toxic or irritating chemicals that may be present in indoor air.  Along with VOC’s, these filters may also drastically reduce or completely remove a wide variety of offensive odors.

*All Amaircare HEPA and VOC filters can be fitted with a formaldehyde filtration tube that will remove 60-80% of formaldehyde from the air on each pass.

Hawk Environmental Services sells only Amaircare HEPA and VOC filtration products.  These units are of the highest quality, and are manufactured in Canada.  They utilize a metal and food-grade plastic construction.  The filtration products produced by Amaircare provide the actual flow-rates as promised and, unlike other brands, are sealed against leakage of particulates that pass around the filter.  Please see detailed information below on the models offered for sale.

 The 3 most important questions to ask when choosing a portable air filter are:

What am I trying to filter from the air?

  • Particulate materials: mold spores, pollen, dust, dust mites, miscellaneous fibers, general allergens and dander.
  • For particulate materials HEPA filtration is most effective
  • Gases: general VOC’s, formaldehydes, benzene, xylenes, adhesives, solvents, etc.
  • For this type of filtration a VOC canister is recomended

How large of an area am I trying to filter:

  • Generally air filtration is measured in air changes per hour (ACH)
  • Generally portable air filter power is rate in cubic feet per minute (CFM)
  • THIS CHART will help you choose the right size filter for your application

Will the filter perform as advertised?

  • The housings for Amaircare® air filtration systems are made of durable metal, not plastic, which can be a source of V.O.C.’s.
  • Amaircare® uses the highest quality, energy efficient, German-made motors resulting in significantly lower operating costs and longer life.
  • Amaircare® air filtration systems use a three-stage filtration process for removal of larger contaminants, fine particulates and V.O.C.s
  • Amaircare® designs and manufactures all major components including HEPA filters, outsourcing only the motors.
  • Amaircare®’s ongoing research and development program assures continual product improvement and new product development.