Did you know… the indoor air quality in your home or office may be affecting your health?

Many homes and offices today are equipped with detectors for smoke and carbon monoxide, but they don’t monitor other indoor pollutants. Homeowners know to look out for (and address) black mold for its health risks, but other airborne pollutants are not so easy to detect.

Here are the top reasons why you should get your office or home indoor air quality tested, to keep your employees and family members safe and healthy…

1. You’ve just moved in

Whether you have just relocated apartments or office suites, or you are moving your family into a brand new home, it’s a good idea to have your indoor air quality tested. By testing the air for pollutants, you will be able to discover pollutants and address them before they affect your health.


2. You are concerned about environmental factors and/or humidity.

If carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, or VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) are a concern, an indoor air quality test will determine these levels. Such a test will also bring clarity if you are apprehensive about the temperature or humidity of your office or home.

3. A baby is on the way (or newly arrived)

Infant lungs are much more sensitive to germs and pollutants than adult ones. If a newborn has joined your family recently, or one is on the way, you should have your home air quality tested to ensure the best environment for your baby to grow.

4. You have allergies, sickness, and/or fatigue

Sometimes, pollutants in the air within your office or home can cause the occupants to experience chronic or aggravated allergies, congestion, colds/flus, or fatigue. Of course, poor air quality isn’t always the instigator of these symptoms, but it can be one of them.


5. The air seems stale or even smells

A strange odor, or musty quality to the air in an office suite or room is a strong indicator of bad air quality or possibly even water damage. An indoor air quality test will determine the source of the smell.

Hawk Environmental Services offers affordable office and home air quality testing throughout the Puget Sound. Contact us to schedule your test!

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