Hawk Environmental Services, Inc performs moisture testing on concrete slabs to determine if the flooring is suitable for the installation of new vinyl flooring, laminate flooring, or carpeting.  It is recommended that concrete slabs be tested for their total concrete vapor emissions prior to the installation of new floor coverings.  Knowing the actual amount of water that is passing through the concrete slab will help contractors determine recommended flooring and adhesive.  This testing will also help to determine if a specialty concrete sealing process is needed.  Contact us today for a quote on your project, and see an example of our testing services from a recent project below

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Background information:

The client requested concrete vapor emissions testing, via the anhydrous calcium chloride methodology as per ASTM F1869.

Scope of testing:


  • The testing will include 18 separate sampling sites chosen based on the provided floor plan and on-site walk-through. These sites will be located
    in areas where new floor coverings are to be installed, but will not include areas slated for polished concrete finishes.

    • Locate each sampling site
    • Choose a site number and mark that number on the floor-plan
    • Measure and note ambient temperature and humidity at the site
    • Remove carpet, sheet-vinyl, or VCT over approximately 1 square foot
    • Clean concrete of adhesive using scraped, wire brushes, or grinders as is needed
    • Perform concrete pH testing using colorimetric test strips and note results
    • Weigh anhydrous calcium chloride container and note starting weight
    • Place calcium chloride container on concrete and attach test hood
    • Allow sample to dwell for 60-72 hours
    • Collect kit and weigh calcium chloride container (marking new weight)

Sample Data

Sample Site NumberStart DateStart Time Temp oFHumidity % RHStart Weight (grams)Stop DateStop TimeStop WeightTotal Test Time in hoursVapor emissions (lb. H20/1,000sf/24 hrs.)Concrete pH
18/815:2874.247.430.2 g8/119:0432.0 g65.63.287
28/815:3874.347.830.1 g8/119:3539.0 g65.9516.057
38/815:4175.147.330.3g8/119:2532.9 g65.734.707
48/815:4475.445.530.2g8/119:2331.8 g65.652.897
58/815:5075.844.130.3g8/119:1940.7 g65.4818.897
68/815:5275.744.630.2g8/119:1731.7 g65.422.727
78/815:5574.446.930.3g8/119:3839.6 g65.7116.837
88/815:5873.845.630.2 g8/119:1335.0 g65.258.757
98/816:0173.645.730.1g8/119:1531.4 g65.232.377
108/816:0373.647.130.3g8/119:1131.9 g65.132.927
118/815:3473.847.730.2g8/119:0731.5 g65.552.367
128/816:0671.447.430.3g8/119:0931.3 g65.051.837
138/815:4775.845.130.2g8/119:2132.2 g65.573.637
148/816:0972.952.830.3g8/119:3631.8 g65.452.737
158/816:1273.450.630.2g8/119:2731.7 g65.252.737
168/816:1473.650.430.3g8/119:2834.6 g65.237.847
178/816:1874.149.330.2g8/119:3031.4 g65.22.197
188/816:2174.548.230.2g8/119:3231.7 g65.182.747

Sample location map

    • Pounds per square feet of vapor emission in 24 hours is noted beside the sample number



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