Case Studies


Understanding the Environmental Relative Moldiness Index (ERMI) Test

The Environmental Relative Moldiness Index (ERMI) is means of measuring mold in your home. Here’s why Hawk Environmental does not use this method.


Moisture Testing For Concrete Floors

Hawk Environmental Services, Inc performs moisture testing on concrete slabs to determine if the flooring is suitable for the installation of new vinyl flooring, laminate flooring, or carpeting.  It is recommended that concrete slabs be tested for their total concrete vapor emissions prior to the installation of new floor coverings.  Knowing the actual amount of water that is passing through

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Asbestos Can Be Hidden Inside Your Air Ducts

Asbestos is a concern for indoor air quality and respiratory health, and most people know the common places that it can be found (popcorn ceilings, vinyl tiles, pipe insulation). But did you know that asbestos-containing tapes and wraps were often placed directly inside of the heating vents in older homes? Hiring a licensed AHERA building inspector to check your heating

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Hydrogen Gas can Create a False Reading on Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Carbon monoxide alarms are vital pieces of safety equipment used to protect workers and residents from poisonous carbon monoxide gas.  But, did you know that hydrogen gas from charging batteries can set off the alarms as well.  The post below is from a real case, and shows how hydrogen gas can trigger these alarms and potentially become an explosive hazard

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Cluster Flies and VOC’s from Insulation in an Energy Efficient New Home (San Juan Islands)

Our client had recently built his retirement home in the San Juan Islands.  The spray foam that was installed was improperly mixed, and caused significant VOC off-gassing concerns.  The home had been inundated with flies, and the client hired Hawk Environmental to assess these issues and generate a plan for resolution.  The following information includes excerpts from the final report

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Indoor Air Quality Testing for Xylene and VOC’s in Gig Harbor

We provide indoor air quality testing services throughout the Puget Sound area.  In the case study below, you can see how we designed some specific VOC testing for residential clients in Gig Harbor.  If you feel that you have particular indoor air quality testing needs, feel free to call and discuss how we may be able to test and inspect

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