Although we don’t provide on-site abatement or construction services, Hawk Environmental Services offers Amaircare’s line of cart mounted HEPA and VOC air filters.  These units are built to last, cost-effective, and out-perform many contractor-grade options.  Whether you are an abatement professional or performing improvements/repairs in occupied facilities, our cart-mounted units will keep your work space clean and ready for clearance testing

AirWash cart-mounted HEPA and VOC filters

These units are designed for the abatement and construction  industry and operate to the highest standards.  Their heavy duty steel construction, rugged rubber tires, and protective screen mesh inlet create a system that will be portable and functional in even the most taxing environments.  They can be installed as a general filter or to create a positive or negative pressure differential.  With these cart-mounted HEPA filters, your site will remain clean and occupant complaints can easily be mitigated.

The AirWash 7000V and 7500 cart models offer rugged construction for the most demanding environments.  The filters are easy to access and maintain and can be used for neutral, positive, and negative pressurization.

  • Central HEPA 100% sealed device
  • U.L. and CSA approved
  • 18 gauge cold-rolled steel powder-coated construction
  • Thermally protected class B insulated motor
  • Designed for continuous operations
  • Run tested for 50,000 hours
  • 120 volt, 60 Hz or 230 volt 50/60 Hz power supplies
  • Variable speed controls
  • Long filter life:
    • Pre-filter (washable)- 1 year
    • HEPA filter – 2-5 years
    • Carbon filter – 6 months
    • Optional VOC filter – 12 months

AirWash 6000V  and 7500V Cart Product Specifications