While not all available for sale directly to the public, Hawk Environmental Services offers Amaircare’s full line of filtration products.  Below you can see our most common models available for installation in residential and small commercial applications.  Many other models both custom and stock are available.   Please call for more information.

Residential HEPA and VOC filtration:

Amaircare’s Airwash Whisper 350  and 675 are truly unique in the industry.  These filters provide true HEPA and VOC filtration in residential and small commercial HVAC systems.  Utilizing the existing duct-work and air-handler, the Airwash system filters mold, allergens, dust, and VOC’s from the air stream.  These units are built of durable sealed steel construction, and utilize high-quality quiet and energy efficient motors.  The self-contained system will filter the air using a built-in motor that won’t put any extra stress or back-pressure on the furnace.  Contractors in Washington or Oregon can call or email for more detailed information and pricing.

*All Amaircare filters can be fitted with a Formaldehyde tube that is rated to remove 60-80% of formaldehyde from the air on each pass.

What sets Amaircare® apart from its competitors?

  • The housings for Amaircare® air filtration systems are made of durable metal, not plastic, which can be a source of V.O.C.’s.
  • Amaircare® uses the highest quality, energy efficient, German-made motors resulting in significantly lower operating costs and longer life.
  • Amaircare® air filtration systems use a three-stage filtration process for removal of larger contaminants, fine particulates and V.O.C.s
  • Amaircare® designs and manufactures all major components including HEPA filters, outsourcing only the motors.
  • Amaircare®’s ongoing research and development program assures continual product improvement and new product development.