Asbestos Testing


DIY Asbestos Removal – Know the Risks

DIY asbestos removal is fraught with risks for those carrying out the removal and individuals in the immediate vicinity of the affected area. Irrespective of the volume of asbestos being removed or the scope of the project, handling asbestos without proper care and training can lead to disastrous consequences. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the

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Asbestos in Seattle Commercial Buildings – What You Need to Know

Asbestos is a harmful mineral fiber that was commonly used in insulation, certain ceiling treatments, flooring, cement siding, and other building materials. The danger of the material comes from disturbed particles becoming airborne and inhaled into the lung. Inhalation of asbestos has been proven to lead to lung disease and cancer. Environmental testing services can diagnose and identify air quality

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Asbestos Can Be Hidden Inside Your Air Ducts

Asbestos is a concern for indoor air quality and respiratory health, and most people know the common places that it can be found (popcorn ceilings, vinyl tiles, pipe insulation). But did you know that asbestos-containing tapes and wraps were often placed directly inside of the heating vents in older homes? Hiring a licensed AHERA building inspector to check your heating

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Recent Fines for Violation of Asbestos Laws in Washington State

We know that compliance with state, local, and federal asbestos laws and regulations can be a daunting task. Hawk Environmental Services is fully qualified to conduct your asbestos surveys in compliance with AHERA guidelines to ensure that you are following all of the applicable rules. When these rules get broken heavy fines are often imposed. Who can be fined? Fines

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Tacoma Asbestos Testing of a Popcorn Ceiling

One of the most frequent types of on-site testing we perform is an asbestos inspection, and we often have home owners call and ask if they can simply drop off asbestos samples at our office to avoid the small fees associated with inspection and reporting.  While it is true that taking samples of some materials is a simple task, correctly

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Asbestos Testing Prior to Remodeling

Smart home remodels include asbestos testing prior to remodeling. Keep reading to learn why. Reason for Asbestos Testing The client is planning an extensive remodel of their property and complete demolition of the upper level. When the waste disposal company came out to provide a bid for disposal of debris, they informed the client that a full AHERA site survey

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