Surrogate Bacterial Surface Test Kit for Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Hawk Environmental Services has worked closely with our long-term lab partners to bring a simple and cost-effective surrogate test method for coronavirus to market.

This test kit is used to evaluate the existing respiratory organism population of a surface area as an indicator for the potential of coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2).

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Surrogate Bacterial Test Inquiry

While the country has geared up to deal with and address the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 infections, we have seen many schools, restaurants, and other businesses close their doors. Most businesses and publicly accessible spaces have improved their cleaning and hygiene policies overall. However, it can be difficult to verify cleanliness and produce accurate logs that will limit a facility’s liability in case an employee or customer becomes infected.

Hawk Environmental Services can ship out test kits with prepaid return labels to allow businesses to test, verify, and document that cleaning practices are sufficient to remove the majority of the human respiratory organisms (this is not a direct test for COVID-19).

This surrogate test kit is used to evaluate the microbial population of a surface area and the effectiveness of surface cleaning procedures. The samples are cultured on blood agar to assess the type and quantity of bacteria present. The blood agar can be used to culture common bacteria of the human respiratory system such as Streptococcus (alpha and gamma-hemolytic strains) and S. aureus, in addition to typical environmental bacteria for a comprehensive assessment of the bacterial population. The types of isolated bacterial colonies (eg, human respiratory vs environmental) can be used as an indicator for the potential of viral presence.

What’s In the Box?

3M™ Sponge-Stick (20)
Sterile soft rayon swab
Pre-paid return shipping label

How Much Does It Cost?

Initial Sampling KitIncludes 20 sterile sponges$99
Analysis – Surrogate Coronavirus Surface Swab Test1 – 5 swabs$121/swab
Analysis – Surrogate Coronavirus Surface Swab Test6 – 20 swabs$106/swab
ShippingPre-Paid Mailing LabelFree

How It Works

Collect Your Samples

Use the provided sterile swabs and/or 3M™ Sponge-Sticks from your test kit to collect your samples. All samples should be packaged and labelled according to the sampling instructions included for your reference.

Submit Samples to the Lab

Contact our lab to confirm the quantity of samples to be submitted. Before sending in the samples, Hawk Environmental will provide you with a chain-of-custody form via email.

Using the provided return label and FedEx envelope, send your packaged samples and completed chain-of-custody form back to our lab* for analysis. Samples should ideally be submitted within 24 hours of collection.

**AIHA, NVLAP, and CDC Elite accredited

Receive Your Detailed Report

The samples will be cultured and analyzed upon receipt. Within 3-6 business days, Hawk Environmental Services will provide you with a detailed formal report on the results via email.

Hawk Environmental Services will keep records of your results for your convenience, and encourages you to do the same.

Continuous Testing

While the first round of testing may be sufficient for some, many organizations are open to the public and may be subject to re-contamination.  For these municipal buildings, schools, pharmacies, stores, and medical facilities you may wish to perform testing on a weekly or even daily basis to ensure that your team is being as effective as possible with their sanitation efforts.

What’s in the Box?

Sterile Rayon Swab

Sterile soft rayon swabs on two plastic shafts with a round bottom plastic tube containing 5ml of liquid Stuart semi-solid transport medium.

3M™ Sponge-Stick

The 3M™ Sponge-Stick is a 1.5 x 3 inch biocide-free sponge ideal for Coronavirus testing. The stick-mounted sponge design provides the ability to easily snap off the sponge from the handle after swabbing.

Additional Items

Sampling Instructions

Use the Sampling Instructions as a reference for proper collection and packaging of your test samples.

Pre-Paid Mailing Label

Once everything is ready, use the provided pre-paid mailing label to send the samples to our lab for analysis.

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