Indoor Quality Air Testing


Facts About the Air You’re Breathing

We hold our breath when a bus grinds by and when we pass by a smoker on the street, but there’s a lot more in the air we’re breathing that can harm our health. Burning coal, oil, and fossil fuels; manufacturing chemicals; cleaning products; paints and stains; and even the process of refilling your gas tank can pollute the air

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How Air Quality Affects Your Baby’s Health

The Quality of Air Your Baby Breathes Matters The quality of the air inside your home can have a strong effect on your baby’s health. Your child’s well-being and safety is your No. 1 priority throughout their life, and especially so when they are newborn infants. Pollutants and airborne toxins can cause respiratory problems, illness, and other severe risks to

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It Might NOT Be Mold – Why Full Air Quality Testing Is Smart

When people think of poor air quality, mold is often blamed as the cause. While mold certainly could be making your indoor air quality toxic, it is not the only source. In fact, there are several other factors that could be affecting your home air quality, so you should get a full air quality test done instead of just a

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Top Reasons to Get Your Indoor Air Quality Tested

Did you know… the indoor air quality in your home or office may be affecting your health? Many homes and offices today are equipped with detectors for smoke and carbon monoxide, but they don’t monitor other indoor pollutants. Homeowners know to look out for (and address) black mold for its health risks, but other airborne pollutants are not so easy

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Cluster Flies and VOC’s from Insulation in an Energy Efficient New Home (San Juan Islands)

Our client had recently built his retirement home in the San Juan Islands.  The spray foam that was installed was improperly mixed, and caused significant VOC off-gassing concerns.  The home had been inundated with flies, and the client hired Hawk Environmental to assess these issues and generate a plan for resolution.  The following information includes excerpts from the final report

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Cellulose Insulation Dust Causes Indoor Air Quality Issues

We deal with a wide variety of indoor air quality concerns, and often get called in when other contractors have been stumped.  Recently, one of our clients had been dealing with a significant buildup of dust and health concerns after a new furnace had been installed.  We identified pressure imbalances, and borate dust from the cellulose insulation in the attic. 

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Indoor Air Quality Inspection Rules Out Carbon Monoxide (CO)

-Auburn, WA 2014 by Hawk Environmental Services Background information: The client has recently installed a new 80% efficient natural gas furnace in the home owner’s garage, and the home owner has raised concerns that the new furnace may be causing an indoor air quality issue. A general indoor air quality and combustion safety inspection has been requested. Ventilation conditions: The

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Kirkland Indoor Air Quality Improved by HRV Installation

Reasons for installation: The client had been dealing with a variety of indoor air quality and mold concerns after a comprehensive remodeling of the home. Existing ventilation: The client had a fresh-air intake duct installed on the existing HVAC system during the remodeling, with a target flow of 150CFM.  The fresh-air intake duct was installed on the return trunk, far

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Inspection Reveals Hidden Roof Leak Detected With Infrared Camera

The clients were complaining of odors and indoor air quality issues in the basement bedroom. An inspection of this area and brief infrared scan revealed a hidden roof leak, a disconnected HVAC supply duct, and insufficient ventilation. Additionally, we found a wall cavity in the basement bedroom that was missing significant portions of insulation. The client had complained of an

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